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dog bite 1Dog bites are among some of the most horrific and traumatic injuries an individual can experience. Children who are the victims of dog bites carry the traumatic experience with them throughout their lifetime. Adults who are bitten or attacked by a dog become afraid of dogs and frequently find themselves giving away their family pet.


In California, if you or your loved one is the victim of a dog bite, the dog owner is liable to you for your injuries and medical expenses. However, keep in mind that during this difficult emotional time, the dog owner is also concerned about their liability and their pet. They will often make attempts to pay your medical expenses hoping you will not get a lawyer. Contact our office before you make any compromises. The effects of a dog bite often do not surface until months and even years later. We recognize this and understand that you need to protect your rights and the rights of your loved ones.


dog bite 2Our legal expertise combined with our understanding of your special circumstances gives us an edge when settling your dog bite claim. Insurance adjusters will offer 10-20% of what they would offer a dog bite victim with an attorney. Adjusters recognize that an attorney will put pressure of them to settle the claim and if they do not settle, will file a lawsuit. Therefore, an adjuster hopes to settle your claim before you ever get an attorney.

We understand that a dog bite is much more than just the physical wound a victim receives. There are mental and emotional components that go along with the injuries. A settlement by the insurance company that only pays for your medical bills does not cover the true consequences of what has happened to a dog bite victim.

A dog bite is a horrible experience for anyone but with our office, we help to ease the pain and take the responsibility for insuring that all deadlines are met, all medical bills are paid and that you receive the largest settlement possible. There are situations where an attorney may not be necessary, but when someone is the victim of a dog bite, they need an attorney to make sure they are protected now and in the future. We do not get paid unless we recover for you.

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